Shiny Talon Woven Scarf

This week, I have a two-part series on woven scarves for you! It is amazing the diverse results from weaving and Marseille has shared two of her creations for the week to help us see what a difference the yarn (and how it is used) makes.

Marseille made this beautiful woven scarf using Twisted Fiber Art Shiny Striping in the Talon colorway (sorry, it’s discontinued). It is a decadently soft 50/50 Merino/Tencel-Lyocell super wash blend in fingering weight. The wool/tencel blend allows for a very soft, drapey, hand to the finished product.  Bamboo and other rayon blends would behave similarly.


This self-striping colorway is lovely. The sheen on this is what the name says, shiny. The colorway is like pale spring flowers sprouting from pale green leaves. Approaching the self-striping by making the stripes go in both directions, she created a vibrant and lasting shiny talon woven scarf.



Here is her process.



One thing that weaving, even basic rigid-heddle wearing like this, does is to cause you to think in different directions.  How will this yarn look in the warp, or the weft, or both?  Also, the math to help maximize every last bit of the yarn–I have a ball left over from this that’s the size of a ping pong ball, and the ‘waste’ at both ends became the fringe.



The final scarf feels light, but warm. The plummy pink tones and spring greens blend well while still holding their own.


Come back on Thursday for part two of the woven scarf series to see what a woven rainbow looks like.


Project Summary:

  • Pattern: Marseille’s personal pattern, unpublished
  • Wool: Twisted Fiber Art Shiny Striping
  • Wool Colour: Talon
  • Balls: 1
  • EPI/PPI: 12 EPI
  • Loom: Cricket (rigid heddle)

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