Rainbow Socks That Rock Woven Scarf

We’re back with part two of the woven scarf series and another of Marseille’s creations is in the spotlight. If you missed Tuesday’s post, here’s a link to the Shiny Talon Scarf which is part one. Now, here’s one about a woven rainbow with 80’s flair.

The bold bright colors of the rainbow may seem like summer hues to most, but they are ideally suited for winter and cooler months when the landscape turns grey and a splash of happy is essential. My friend Marseille captured ROYGBIV in a beautiful rainbow Socks That Rock woven scarf and she let me photograph her creation. Then she took a moment to tell us about how she made it.


Marseille: “I made this scarf by using the length of the color repeat as the length of the scarf–each warp thread is from the centre of a red patch, to the centre of a red patch.  Obviously, this limits the length of the scarf, but I think it’s worth it in the long run.  For a longer scarf (and I’ll try this next time) I could go red-purple-red-purple for each warp thread.  This is easy to do with the direct-warp method (directions with the Schacht Cricket loom, or on Schacht’s website). Weft thread is black Cascade Heritage sock, to let the warp threads pop.”



Marseille: “Lesson learned with this scarf, and others made at around the same time–be careful with loose fringe when laundering.  Some yarns are fine as-is (like this Socks that Rock lightweight), and some will fray and almost dissolve if you’re not careful.  Swatch/test, or hand-wash gently, only.  Also–I learned not to leave this scarf lying around, as several friends have tried to steal it!”



And check out the consistent and well-knotted fringe at each end.


Project Summary:

Yarn & Colours: Cascade Heritage sock (black) and Socks That Rock
Loom: Schacht Cricket loom

Which color in the rainbow is your favorite?

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