Color Inspiration: Red

I have a summer cold, so we are slowing down our travels and adventures for a couple days and focusing on naps and soup. But that hasn’t stopped me from loving the vibrancy of colors. Or maybe that’s the cold medicine. Hmmm. In any case, I wanted to share some beautiful photos that really make me fall in love with the color red all over again. Color inspiration: Red. And we can credit last week’s visit to my alma mater, Chestnut Hill College, for my seeing red. It’s our school colors! Once a Griffin, Always a Griffin.

Excellent Vintage of Red


Red Gate



Geraniums with Sea View

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Japanese Red Maple Tree

A bright spot on Washington Street. I always wonder how the food is. Who's tried it? #reardenscork #corkcity #corkwalkies #red #windowboxes #bicycle #ireland


What is your red inspiration?

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