Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

I want to see if a capsule wardrobe is viable year-round. So, I chose my most comfortable items to live with as my summer 2017 capsule wardrobe. Of course, there are also a couple odds and ends included, like PJs, swimsuit, socks, etc… which are not included in this image. But you get the idea.

  • One vintage jean jacket I bought at Gap in 2000.
  • Eight tops (half sleeveless)
  • Six bottoms (0ne pair of shorts, one skirt)
  • Five dresses (I live in dresses in warm weather). Each dress should bring something different to the table. Belted shirtdress, knit drawstring dress, popover denim,… you get the idea.
  • One big carry-on satchel bag to schlep all my stuff, my knitting, my kids’ stuff, and snacks.
  • One large but fashionable handbag for when I sneak out without my children. Gone are the days of clutches because my knitting and camera do not fit.
  • One lightweight scarf shawl thing. For me, likely hand knit, but I have a sea green one with starfish that is ideal for travel.
  • Silver and gold jewellery for versatility, plus my Apple Watch so I can pay for things while juggling offspring.
  • Five pairs of shoes. One “nice” flip-flops, one leather sandals that look nice with dresses (with a heel if that’s your style, mine have a tiny heel), my classic white Converse sneakers (I keep them clean with an annual OxyClean ritual), and a pair of gold ballet flats which go with everything. On the matter of my Converse, I use a gel insole with arch support and I lace them for bunion support to make these just as comfortable as my running shoes.
Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe


What is your essential item for Summer 2017?

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