Knitting My Wish by Laura Linneman

We’re back with a fun post about my friend Marseille’s knitting and this time it’s a striped shawl! The pattern is My Wish by Laura Linneman from La La’s Knits and she knit it with Kauni Wool 8/2 Effektgarn on 4.5mm (7US) knitting needles.


The entire shawl took her less than a month’s time to knit. Though tempted to rewind the Kauni wool, she found it too sticky to bother. Since sticky meant it wouldn’t unravel and a loose cake isn’t the end of the world with a yarn that has good Fair Isle characteristics. The yarn itself was rich with lanolin.


Marseille noted at the beginning, “I’m only at 7 or 9 stitches in each wedge so far, though…..I started with Addi Turbos, which were just too blunt. Then I switched to my (old) Webs interchangeables (wooden). A friend suggested to me that I’ll probably want pointy metal needles, so I need to find my other nickel KnitPicks size 7US tip. I know I had a reason for just using one somewhere, but can’t for the life of me remember why…”


With the appropriate knitting needles, the project was flying along for three weeks then she approached the edge. She reflected that she, “added a few extra rows to be sure of reaching Camp Loopy’s 800-yard rule. Including an extra lace stripe after the large lace repeat. Weighing the remaining yarn, I was at 800 yards before the final row of knitting, and then my (improvised) picot bind-off.”


One final look at the entire shawl. Wish I had put something in this photo for scale, but if it helps, that is a dining chair leg in the bottom right there.


Don’t you just love the stripes?! Which is your favorite part? I love the moments when the teal and violet-blue meet.

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