Seahawks & Patriots Knitting for Super Bowl XLIX

Sunday night, my husband and I stayed up late to watch the games to see who would be competing for this season’s Lombardi trophy. My husband grew up in Seattle and it is where he and I met and fell in love, so needless to say we were rooting for the home team. It is much simpler than my always feeling torn between the Redskins and Ravens, though I was a devoted Redskins fan during the Hog era it dwindled in the more recent Dan Snyder years. But in the spirit of the upcoming Super Bowl, I want to share some quick knits that be fun to do between now and the big game or even to alleviate tension during the game. I’ve chosen a few designs (mostly free) for each competing team. Though the designs are specific to the teams, they work best with the team colors for yarn.


Colors: College Navy, Action Green, Wolf Grey – details
Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 14.42.51


New England PATRIOTS

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 14.45.30Colors: Nautical Blue, Red, New Century Silver, White – details

Of course, there are patterns for any or other teams too so even if your hometown favourite didn’t make it into the final game of the year, you can still cheer them on with your woolly creation – and you’d be all set for the first kick-off this Autumn. Or you can skip the knitting altogether and buy a Super Bowl XLIX hat.


Who do you root for?

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