Playing Around with Stitch Designs

Sometimes I have no idea what I want to make with a yarn or even how a certain colorway will knit up, so I just dive in and see what happens. This is just such an attempt. It has been hibernating for a while and finally time to return to it and see how it develops.

I tried two approaches with this skein of sock yarn. One with an all-over stitch pattern and the other with just an edge design. I prefer the all-over design at the moment. But when I decide which is better and knit something more than a swatch, I’ll share a photo.

In the meantime, this is what knitting group looks like when I’m not knitting.

Peacóg Shawl for Ravellenic Games 2012 Team Reckless in Dublin


  1. Donna says:

    What beautiful colours! My favourites! I aspire to the day when I can just dive in and start a design to “see what happens”. It’s lovely.

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