Knitting a Cheeky Pistachio Shell Wrap

Four years ago, I was in the States for a visit and started knitting a wrap to go with the dress. It reminds me of a vintage Hable Construction design (Chocolate Straws). Since at the time, I had never knitted anything lacy before, I wanted to start with something straight-forward, simple, and easy. I sifted through easy, free, lace-weight, 250-800-meter, shawl/wrap patterns on Ravelry and finally settled on Cheeky Attitude’s Kidsilk Haze Shawl to be done with Vinap A.S. Gloria, a lace weight that feels like a wool/acrylic blend even though it’s 100% acrylic.

Pistachio Stitches Pistachio Lace Wrap

The yarn color perfectly matches the sash on the dress. The dress is cream and chocolate criss-cross straws on pique. Classic lines and a splash of color in the pistachio green grosgrain sash. I originally considered a wrap that mirrored the criss-cross design of the dress fabric, but then thought it might be a bit much. I wore wear nude leather wedge sandals with the dress and nearly nude polish for my pedicure and clear for my manicure.

I cast on a few extra stitches because I opted to use 6.5mm needles. I tried the larger size used in the pattern then decided to go smaller. I did a rotten job of counting rows so I eyeballed it and did the pattern change at that point. It was coming along nicely, though slower than I’d hoped. I bet it goes more quickly with the larger needles. Spoiler alert, the shawl didn’t get done and without a deadline it went into hibernation for FOUR YEARS.

I’ll update you on this when it’s done or if anything exciting happens now that it is out os hibernation, but in the meantime, here is a photo of what it is looking like.


Lace Knitting for Beginners

When complete, I will steam iron it for gentle blocking, using a tea towel to keep the heat indirect on the acrylic wool. Not sure if that really matters, but I’ve melted acrylic fibers before (a graduation gown), so better safe than sorry. Who knows when that will be though. But I’m hoping to wear it this summer.


  1. heckety says:

    I’m too chicken to try lacy knitting, but its most awfully pretty I think. Also, if one forgets what one is doing when one is knitting, it is really safer to stay with straightforward patterns….now who could I be talking about I wonder!!!

  2. Evin says:

    This pattern is very straight-forward and I am not counting rows while knitting, just eyeballing it every few rows to see if it’s time for the pattern row. It is slow-going, but looks nice.

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