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Every so often, I look at my blog stats to see what my readers are interested in and any usage trends. The one thing I haven’t figured out yet is how my readership keeps increasing. Sure, I offer thoughtful and sincere content with well-lit photographs in PG-rated blog posts, but still. Bloggers know that just putting up great content doesn’t guarantee readers will find it. So, I’m equally delighted and mystified by the increase in readers. I hope you pour yourself a cup of tea and make yourself at home here (no shoes on the coffee table!) while we take a peek at the stats.


Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.52.20

Views by Month
June 2014 = 3,462 views
July 2014 = 6,400 views
August 2014 = 11,655 views (where did you all come from?!?!)
September 2014 = 5,011 views
October 2014 = 5,623 views
November 2014 = 7,753 views (Thanksgiving Day alone there were almost 1,000 views)


Which was my most popular blog post?
In the last three months, my blog post Free Knitting Patterns for Premature Babies welcomed 5,414 views.


Where do readers go after visiting this blog? Mostly Ravelry.
3,848 clicks to Ravelry (knitting patterns) were the means of exiting my blog in the last three months. Since March 2014, that number goes up to 7,995 clicks. August was a busy month.




Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 11.04.29

Where are my readers located (data since March 2014)?
My readers are primarily in English-speaking countries. Here’s the breakdown with a pretty map.


Of course, the most important thing about my readers can’t be measured by a stats feature in WordPress. And that is…
Are you happy when you read my blog?
I hope so.
When I think of something to make or do or cook or create, I consider how realistic it is (remember, I have a three-year-old sidekick) then, if it is realistic, I go for it. I buy supplies, I time the project for optimal lighting, and I create/do/make while snapping the occasional photo. Most of the time, the process and doing something enjoyable alone or with my son is the first priority. Being able to post about it here (and possibly make money) is a secondary concern. For this reason, I believe EvinOK is successful because the fun I’m having shines through and my posts hopefully never read like they’re a chore to write. I do all these things and share them because it is fun for me. I live with the final result so I am certain to take the right steps for a well-made project. But really the process is just as important to me as the end result. And I am grateful to have you all along with me for my adventures. So, whether you are in the thousands or just a dozen readers, I’ll keep sharing my creations and ideas here and looking forward to your comments.

Now *lifts mug of hot chocolate*, let’s toast to a happy and creative 2015!


  1. Alina says:

    I just love visiting your blog. Looking at your delicious photos and recipes gives me hope that someday maybe I am going to master the kitchen. So far, it’s been a total fail. The only thing that I successfully did in the kitchen so far is a mess 🙂

    • Evin says:

      Creating a mess is very creative! It shows you’re flexible, Alina. Or so I like to think because my place has a mess somewhere at any given time (today it’s in the corner of my bedroom). The recipes in my book are old family recipes updated and tested repeatedly until they were consistently awesome. Forgot to add something at the right time? Odds are you can add it later and it still turns out ok. Considering a lot of my own baking happens with a little helpful sous chef, mistakes are bound to happen and the recipes can roll with that.

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