How I Raised $2,890 through My Successful Kickstarter Campaign

One year ago, I held a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds to self-publish my first book, Bake Knit Sew.

Now, if you’re reading this you are either a dedicated reader of this blog or you have a Kickstarter of your own in the works. Either way, you have much to do in life so I’ll keep this very brief. Keep in mind as you read this, I’m far from an expert. This information is my perspective and experience from my project from one year ago. It was successful ($2,890 raised). The book that resulted was published five weeks ago. More about that at the end of this post.

Quick Top Tips
Consistency: Use the same name for your project everywhere. Keep the numbers and budget data consistent in all places.
Transparency: Explain what you’re doing, how the money will be spent, and who will be involved. Backers are supplying you with the funds, you need to respect they’ll want to know how responsible you are.
• Video and Photos: Show what you’re doing as much as you can.
• Offer Realistic Backer Rewards: Beware offering things you need to make or ship. Time and money will be in short supply as you complete your project, so only promise what you can fulfil. My rewards were all digital. I created a special exclusive four-project ebook for backers above a certain level. It included two recipes, a sewing project, and one knitting pattern. I also listed backers, test bakers, test knitters, and volunteers on an acknowledgement page in the back of the book.
I devoured, memorised, and applied the advice on these pages for my own campaign.
 My Kickstarter project   
My own book is baking recipes, sewing projects, and knitting patterns. I used primarily local businesses for my materials and supplies. All have websites and most are even women-owned. It felt like a good fit for this project and for me. But I’ve backed projects that have nothing to do with baking, sewing, or knitting, so it’s just as much about the conviction and skills of the Kickstarter project lead as the project itself. So go out there and make your idea come to fruition.

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