An Inner Debate on Ideal Footwear

I love shoes, but not to the same extent other people do. I mean, if someone gave me $50 to spend on anything, I’d probably buy a book, treat myself to something from one of my Wish Lists, or maybe buy a cute pair of socks. I probably wouldn’t buy shoes. But if I could travel in time, there might be a few pair of shoes I wish I had bought when I had the chance. So, let’s travel through time, space, and Instagram to check out some of the shoes I’ve loved and lost – and just plain loved.

We are each wearing a pair of matching socks and our #shoes #match each other's. Some days we just have it together. #Converse

For day-to-day, I tend to wear very comfortable shoes because on average I walk three miles a day just doing my thing. I don’t have a car and I live in the middle of a city. So, walking is faster, easier, and healthier. I tend to opt for Converse or the like then I add a supportive insole with arch support.

This particular pair was purchased when I was just out of college. Let’s just say, they’ve held up to YEARS of use!
LB chose my #shoes today and brought them to me one-by-one to put on. #feet

Sometimes I tire of looking practical and that’s when ballet flats are perfect. This pair from Clark’s was bought for a friend’s wedding in Scotland. Here they are with the dress I wore and other accessories.
Dress & shoes for wedding in Edinburgh with tights (bottom) and shawl (in shoes) options. #nofilter #style #fashion

No surprise, these pink ballet flats ended up being my go-to shoes for the 18 months following the wedding. I wore them so much, some of the leather upper wore through!
I am so in love with my new #pink #shoes.

From the pink ballet flats to the periwinkle Converse, you may notice I like to buy shoes that were an impractical colour, which is probably what I’d choose if I bought a heel.

I really should wear more high heeled shoes. See, I’m 5’9″ so when I wear a shoe with any added height, I look tall. It is kind of like activating a super power. Needless to say, if I wear mascara, brush my hair, wear clothing free of food stains, AND a pair of fun shoes with a heel, I look pretty great. But I don’t like to break out my super power very often. But if I did, I think a colourful heel would be my choice.

This is one pair I sincerely wish I bought when I had the chance. They were adorable and fairly comfortable red satin kitten heels at Debenham’s. I thought, “I never wear heels, why do I need heels?” and walked away. Now, I consider that moment to be temporary insanity.
If I needed a pair of red satin heels, these would be the pair! #shoes

I adored this pair of heels, even though I usually dislike the colour purple. But they were suede and I live in Ireland, so I just couldn’t justify the purchase. But I still feel they’re the ones that got away.
I tried on purple high heels. And I liked them. Somewhere, a pig just took flight.

Occasionally, I wish for a different style. I wish I wasn’t cute and preppy and practical. I wish I was hot. Then I try on a pair of shoes like this and remember that being hot makes it challenging to walk.
Today, I tried on #shoes that are so different from my style. I find it is good to step outside my comfort zone sometimes. With these, it literally was a step.

Last year, I enjoyed a glimpse at what it was like to dress hot when Natasha Crowley, Natasha Tynan, and Neil Danton collaborated on an article about dressing after a body transition. I was just adapting to my post-baby body and they put me in the tallest heels I’ve ever worn!
Want to see me wearing super high heels? Buy today's Evening Echo. @natashatynan @natashacrowley @neildanton


But living in Ireland, I certainly have occasion to wear boots most days. I have Merrill weather-resistant boots (circa 2014), three pair of Rockport knee-high boots (circa 2007), two pair of Wellies (circa 2012), and one pair of trust old Bean Boots (circa 1998).

Ready and Welly

It's #leggings and #boots weather! #autumn

What are your favourites in your shoe closet?

Are you more high heels at The New York Ballet?

Or Wellies at The Ploughing Festival?
Smiling Irish Girls in Muddy Wellies


  1. Lise says:

    I am definitely a ploughing festival type! I have big feet and hate heels, but I have wide calves and struggle to find boots that fit. I pretty much live in sneakers, short wellies and a pair of winter boots that are cracked on the top, but I can’t be bothered to try to find another pair!! I guess you could say I am not a shoe person either!

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