Krist Kindl – Experiment in Loving

Being filled with inner love and joy is a gift. Where is comes from is subject to much debate, but where it goes is a simple enough discussion. Sharing your love with the world is a great gift and as the holiday season envelopes us for many of the world’s religions we can consider how to share our love with others.

My high school religion teacher also happens to be a lifelong family friend so when it comes to learning lessons of faith, love, and charity, I had it coming from all angles. One of the most valuable experiences is something that is a little challenging and slightly intimidating, but results in being a better person.

Krist Kindl is just such a thing and one that can be undertaken by someone of any faith. If you know someone with whom you share a difficult relationship – you know, someone who challenges your patience or who just doesn’t like you, this is an opportunity to try to change that

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However, I must warn against trying this on anyone who has blocked you on Facebook/Twitter or has taken out a restraining order on you. In such extreme circumstances, it seems clear that the person you may have in mind is still on the offensive and not ready to have anything to do with you. Though that doesn’t mean you can’t consider these steps with him or her in mind as a way to open your heart to their perspective.

Here are the rules as forwarded to me by Mrs. J.

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1. Pick the most difficult relationship you have or the one that needs the most healing or the one you most want to improve. This person is your KRIST KINDL. (CHRIST CHILD) You are to treat this person as if s/he were the Christ Child.

2. Copy Luke 6:27-31, 35-36 (excerpt below as a downloadable card) on a card and tape it to your mirror so you can read it every morning, when you get home, and before you go to bed so that you will get into the rhythm of Jesus’ mindset.

3. Pray for your Krist Kindl everytime you read this. Ask God to bless him and cover Him with His love, peace and joy. It is very hard to keep being negative about someone you are praying for day in and day out.

4. Walk a mile in this person’s shoes. Look at life and the world with your Krist Kindl’s eyes. Find out what makes him/her tick, where s/he is coming from. Ask them how they feel; what their childhood was like, their hopes, dreams and fears. LISTEN without judgment. WE CAN LISTEN PEOPLE INTO BEING.

5. Empathize because when we do, we will begin to understand. If we try to understand our Krist Kindl, it will be easier to be compassionate than judgmental. Instead of focusing on our pain, try to see hers/his.

6. FORGIVE! To forgive is not to hold other people’s sins against them. If you keep judging your Krist Kindl, this experiment will not work.

7. Cover your Krist Kindl with love. Do at least one loving thing for him/her a day. Keep a log of these loving things and note your Krist Kindle’s reactions.

8. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you with this – it is very difficult. Here’s a prayer that helps: “LORD, I SURRENDER OUR RELATIONSHIP TO YOU. HELP ME TO SEE MY KRIST KINDL WITH YOUR EYES. HELP ME TO SEE YOU IN MY KRIST KINDL.”

9. If your heart is too small and puny and tight to love and forgive your Krist Kindl, ask Jesus to take your heart and stretch it and lend you His in the meantime to love and forgive your Krist Kindl with.

10. When your Krist Kindl moves to hurt you, deflect his/her criticisms with good cheer. Remember, no one can make you feel bad without your permission. So never give it.

Love never fails!

Luke 6:27-31, 35-36
Note: A forewarning that this post is different than my usual. It refers to religion, faith, and the Bible. I am not telling anyone what to believe in this, simply sharing a tradition shared among students and alumnae of my high school. I hope you enjoy it in the positive spirit in which I share it.


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