Croissant Dough Monkey Bread

My sister-in-law sent me a link to The Pioneer Woman Cooks’ Monkey Bread after making a batch last year and I filed it away and forgot about it until earlier this year when my friend Tim asked if Monkey Bread could be made with croissant dough. Sure enough, it can. Or so I discovered when I tried to do it. First, I made Monkey Muffins with the dough because I thought it was a smaller project in case of failure. But it worked. Then last week, I was making Monkey Muffins for a dinner with friends and at the final minute I spotted my yet-to-be-used mini bundt pan and thought, why not make it in that?! So, I did and it was gooier than the muffins!

Like with the Monkey Muffins, I used pre-made croissant dough that comes in the tubes at the grocery store because I have a baby and a passion for naps – and making croissant dough from scratch interferes with both just enough to shove me in the direction of the pre-made dough. And as I wrote in the Monkey Muffin post, The Pioneer Woman uses leftover dough. Pre-made is like leftover because it is sitting around ready to be used.


Here’s how I made mine:

Croissant Dough Monkey Bread

butter, softened
2 packages of pre-made croissant dough (the roll-out kind), refrigerated
blend of half brown sugar, half white granulated sugar
ground cinnamon
Non-stick bunt pan, 8-10″ across
vanilla essence/extract
condensed milk

1. I collected my ingredients on the counter. Then I created a blend of the two sugars and the ground cinnamon, which I kept in an air-tight container to make cinnamon toast, milk toast, or another batch next time. Preheat the oven to 375F or 190C so it’s hot and ready for the yumminess about to be baked up in it.

2. Put a little pat of butter and a sprinkling of sugar-cinnamon blend around all inside edges of the bunt pan.

Monkey bread in the works

3. Unroll the pre-made croissant dough out flat and onto that spread softened butter (like buttering toast) and sprinkle the sugar-cinnamon blend.

Making croissant monkey muffins

Making croissant monkey muffins

4. Then roll the buttered and sprinkled dough into mini croissants (like you are rolling a sleeping bag) and place them around the bottom of the bunt pan.

Making croissant monkey muffins

5. Once the bottom of the pan is filled one layer deep, top with a sprinkle sugar-cinnamon then add a couple drops of vanilla essence. Repeat this for two more layers.

7. Then into the oven it goes according to the instructions on the dough package plus 5 minutes. Then make sure it has puffed up and browned slightly. If it hasn’t, give it more time. If it has, then turn off oven and leave in there for a few minutes. Remove carefully and place a plate on top then invert the pan so the Monkey Bread falls onto the plate in one piece. For added goo-dness, drizzle with condensed milk. This is lovely when serving them as a dessert alongside a scoop of vanilla bean or cinnamon ice cream.

Yummy, right? If you want smaller servings, check out how I made Croissant Monkey Muffins. This is what they look like before I drizzled the condensed milk:

Croissant Monkey Muffins

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