Blogging Intermission (aka Tea Break)

My surgery went well but I am still recovering and have had to return to the hospital after a high fever so the blog is going to enjoy a brief intermission. Please check back in one or two months. I know it may seem like I’ve gone away and left my blog to gather dust, but this time is necessary to fully heal my body and recuperate with my family. I look forward to seeing you here again this summer. Thank you so much for your personal encouragement and reader loyalty.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the bare essentials I need at the hospital with me.

My #hospital #essentials include my favorite #kitschy #gnome zip-pouch with Bia Beauty lip balm, face wash towelettes, eye mask, ear plugs, hair clip. Bia Beauty doesn't test on animals and is made in Ireland. The pouch is from a shop in Amsterdam.

And just so you know they take good care of me…

Even the hospital offers a pot of hot tea. Civilized!

What are your essentials when you’re in the hospital, sick or on the mend from something?

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