My Zulily Wishlist at the Moment

Disclosure: In accordance with the FTC guidelines for bloggers, I disclose that I received £50 store credit from to spend on whatever I wanted but that was in no way payment or compensation for this blog post (just a great way to get me thinking about what I’d buy). The words written are completely my own and true to my opinions and beliefs. No affiliate links are in this post.

When I was asked to curate my own wish list, I thought, ‘How is this different than the mental wish list I make every time I go there?’  Well, it’s not that different except this time I am sharing my thoughts with you! Zulily’s aim is to “bring a fresh, fun and fantastic range of products to the site daily. Representing brands truthfully with a sprinkle of cuteness, the passion for great products at great prices”… They also strive to be “part of Mum’s day – a helping hand, a friend and a unique space dedicated to her.” Can’t you just picture the sunbeam streaming through the kitchen window on a hot cup of tea while junior plays quietly with his toys? Ok, maybe not quietly but without climbing the walls is the key in this fantasy.

If you’ve read my blog before, you must know I’m a fan of and guest blogger for Maybe you even read my two recent posts about traveling through Amsterdam with a baby and knitting a squishy baby blanket and my post last week reviewing a line they carry, OrhiS. It isn’t just that they have great products (which they do) or that they have great prices and deals (yep, another truth there), but it is also that the inventory changes every day so it’s never the same store twice and they treat me like a human (not the tired mum I feel like). So check out the blog when you get the chance because it is packed full of fun ideas, parenting adventures, and things that would make Pinterest jealous.

Now, on to my wishlist of adorable things (it’s like you’re reading my mind now, how cool is that?!):

Seedling is on to something with their kits of made but not finished items that let you and your child create together. I LOVE THAT! Of course, you know how I love tableware so it should come as no surprise that one of my favorites is the Design Your Own Dinner Set (£32).

ls it wrong that I also would love to have my very own kit to Paint Your Own Russian Nesting Dolls (£20), also by Seedling. Yes, I admit I want them for my own enjoyment. Not that I’d paint them traditionally, mind you. Maybe gnomes or the Bennett sisters from Pride & Prejudice?

Of course, if my son were a few years older (or if I were a couple decades younger), the Visual Diary Kit (£9) would be at the top of my list for him. A great way to encourage creative expression on his own terms.

The Create Your Own Windmill (£7) looks fun too and at that price would be a great stocking stuffer for my nephews.

The Get Well line from Get Well Friends is brilliant! A good gift to introduce when tonsils have to be taken out or if a loved one is sick or in the hospital to make the experience less intimidating. Nurse Nibbles in particular would be great to reassure LB that when Grandma Juju is in the hospital she is well taken care of. This can open up conversations like: Are there video games at the hospital? or Does Grandma really get to eat dinner in bed watching TV?

Knitted baby gifts are always a favorite of mine. They usually hide dirt in the stitch work and the squish factor can’t be beat! And the Little Dog Laughed seems to agree because they have a crew of knitted toys with coordinating sleeping bags. How adorable is that?! Who is your favorite? MillieAlbertRosie or Bernard?

Shoes are fun and even better when you know you don’t have to walk a mile on cobblestones in them, so that’s why baby shoes are so enjoyable to shop for. Here are my favorites: Green Canvas Trainers (£6.50) and Leather Viking Shoes (£15) from Playshoes Footwear.

If I had a baby girl, I would totally want this pair of Red Patent Bow Shoes from Paddlers to wear with velvet or tartan dresses over the holidays. The soft fur lining will be so cosy.

I absolutely love Timmy the Monkey (£11) from Orange Tree Toys! He’s a darling cuddle toy with vibrant stripes and a cheeky smile. He’s a star in my book and I can totally imagine Timmy being dragged around lovingly.

LB would love to go go go on this Original Yellow Didicar and what a great use of his energy too!

And, lastly, why doesn’t the Aqua Julia Wool Coat from millie manu come in my size?!

Now, about that Julia Wool Coat in my size…

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