Indulging in OrhiS Skin Care

Disclosure: In accordance with the FTC guidelines for bloggers, I disclose that I received a sample of each of these skin creams from but they were in no way payment or compensation for this blog post. The words written are completely my own and true to my opinions and beliefs. 

When asked me to share my thoughts on the Orhis Paris face nourishing creams, I was delighted. Having sensitive skin and a fairly healthy obsession with taking care of it, learning about new products, especially all natural ones, is important to me. The package arrived quickly and I was thrilled to see two different luxurious sensitive skin anti-aging products. Of course, I could have used one on a particular day and the other the next day, but not me… I put one on the left half of my face and one on the right half. Here’s what I discovered:

OrhiS Paris skin care

The Crème Nutritive Visage Nourishing Face Cream contains cottonwood and argan oil. Cottonwood leaves are rumoured to boast strong free-radical scavenging activity. This is good when included in skin care products because that theoretically helps combat the toxins skin is exposed to from daily life, such as air pollution. Argan oil is an old treasure for skin care and health that is now coming to the forefront of consumer awareness. Oil from the fruit pits of the argan tree can be used for cooking and skin care (they are pressed and processed differently so don’t use them interchangeably). I tried it in both forms when I was in Morocco last year and even visited an argan tree that was in the process of actually being visited by goats. Goats climb the trees and gnaw on the kernels before spitting them out. This part of the process is essential to help break through to the oil. Berbers then process the core of the kernel and create the oil. In some cases, this processing is done goat-free and by machines. But I prefer the idea of goats being involved because they get to eat the outer meat of the argan fruit. This isn’t a case of goats being put in trees either, the goats find the trees and go up on their own. And just to clarify, that’s the only time animals are used in the making of this skin care line. It felt fresh and had the faintest scent. I truly detest overly perfumed cosmetics so know I mean it when I say the light (and I mean light) fragrance of this cream is feminine but not flowery. The box said it works nicely as a base for make-up, so I applied a little and it helped lend a very natural appearance. Three cheers!

Goats in an argan tree in Morocco

Photo by Dominik Golenia

BoosteRo4 with lavender flower water and shea butter went on the other half of my face.  For over two thousand years, lavender oil has been used for its restorative, nourishing and healing properties so it seems natural to find it in skin care. It brings with it a scent that reminds me a bit of my grandma. Comforting, familiar and lady-like. The rich shea butter instantly drenched my skin in moisture and stayed on. The consistency felt a little denser than the Nourishing Cream but not at all thick or chunky. I liked how it seemed to become part of my skin immediately, like raindrops being soaked up by a thirsty valley.

OrhiS Paris skin care

Both creams, when applied, felt refreshing on my skin. A little went a long way too. I can foresee each 50ml bottle lasting a month or more if I use it just in the mornings. I applied each cream to my face and neck with leftover bits on the back of my hands. Both went on smoothly without an oily or separated texture. No residue or filmy feeling remained on my hands and my skin absorbed each cream quickly. A gentle shine appeared on that side of my face, where it had been dull and dry (more shine with the Nourishing Face Cream). These are products that I would love to continue to include in my skin care arsenal. And that says A LOT because I am very selective and loyal.

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