Saturday Brunch at Fenns Quay

Some mornings my son likes to wake up early, other mornings he sleeps until a decent hour. This morning, he must have remembered Fenns Quay had a special brunch menu for Cork Food Festival because he was up early and eager for activity. Being hungry, we complied and went to FQ.

The menu didn’t disappoint.
Fenns Quay special Saturday brunch

We saw their Fruit Scones emerge from the kitchen, cuddled together with a light sprinkle of confectioner’s sugar. Voting actually closes tomorrow for the Goodalls Best Scone in Ireland competition to if these look good to you and you want to represent Cork, vote now. Electric on South Mall is also in the running and the third in Munster is in Waterford.
Fresh batch of fruit scones at Fenns Quay

We resisted temptation though because our hearts (actually our stomachs) were determined to have something else entirely. We shared Buttermilk Pancakes first because as Americans we have a deep affection for anything cooked with buttermilk and nice fat pancakes. They were served with little dishes of Canadian maple syrup, creme fraiche, and plain yogurt and topped with fresh cut strawberries and slices of green apple. The outside of the pancake was crisp to resist getting soggy in syrup with the inside soft.
Buttermilk pancakes at Fenns Quay

Then I enjoyed my usual favorite, Eggs Florentine with Ardsallagh goats cheese and Hollandaise sauce. Always perfect.
Fenns Quay eggs florentine with Ardsallagh goat cheese and potato straws

My better half had toast soldiers with eggs and Marmite. It was his first time eating Marmite. Marmite is not his thing but the rest was lovely.
Soldiers and eggs and Marmite and potato straws. Brunch at Fenns quay

Of course, the Irish Examiner Cork Food Festival was also in our plan for today but that’s for another post!


  1. Bonny says:


    Sometimes I wished we live closer to you. Great waybtonspend Saturday mornings!

    Still savour the memory of dinner we had together here, not more than a few weeks ago 🙂

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