Dear Santa,…

We like to write our Christmas letters to Santa early here so he can plan accordingly. After all, it takes time to do what he does. This weekend, LB and I sat down to decide what we each want for our birthdays and Christmas, plus we tried to think what AH would like for Christmas. This is the resulting list of what I want for Christmas and my birthday – I’ll follow up to share what we’re giving our children in case you need ideas for the kids in your life. Disclosure: links are affiliate links in this post. I would be listing the same things anyway, but this way if you happen to click through and buy something I get a tiny little amount that helps me buy more books and craft supplies which I then write about in this blog. I currently don’t use any other affiliate programs.


loving these tassel earrings and other recent shopping finds | EvinOK

I am wishing for…


Top Things:

Yes, just like last year, I am wishing for matching dishes – something I’ve not had since May 2008.

I’m also wishing for some odds and ends which are fairly practical or replacing things we’ve lost or worn out.


Other Things:

Print Books:
All I’ve heard are recommendations, so this one is definitely on my list.

  • Becoming by Michelle Obama (got it at Vibes & Scribes!)

Kindle Books (saves space):
On New Year’s Eve, I tend to have a recent tradition of treating myself to a few Kindle books, so it’ll be one of these this year.



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