All I Want for Christmas…

There are so many gifts I enjoy year-round, like my children and my health, but come Christmas there is something that needs to be put in wrapping paper. It shows my boys that everyone receives gifts, not just them, and over time LB has learned to brainstorm gifts for me which is fun to see his thoughtfulness. So, I’ve previously written posts with my wish lists and this is just another. You may notice that three of the items are experiences (eating, reading, pampering, sleeping) and two are things I’d use almost daily.

The seven words that I love hearing my husband say: "I will buy you something at Field's." Their open #crab sandwich was such bliss I ate two. This photo is of the second one. #fieldsskibb
  • Crab salad sandwich at Field’s in Skib then do a family nature walk.
  • A new set of dinnerware. Can you believe we’ve not had a proper set of dishes since California (2008)?! That set back then was a Crate & Barrel set from my mom for my birthday and I loved it. Our current dishes are a fun mismatched selection of ones I loved in shops, but they don’t stack easily so our cabinet is a disaster. We dread putting the clean dishes away because it is like a game of Jenga and Mousetrap combined. So, I would like to get rid of most of our mismatched dishes in the cabinet and get one set that is the same size so they stack without frustration. I was browsing online and found this porcelain set and there is this matching melamine set for the kiddies. I am in love…then I saw I mistakenly was on Amazon.COM (not CO.UK). Sigh. So, I looked on the UK site and found these (in order of preference):
  • A nap! Hey, I have two kids under six, sleep is essential, yet elusive. (which was under the tree)
  • Books:
    Known by Mark Schaefer (which was under the tree)
    • This Thing of Paper by Katie Westermann (which was under the tree)
    Rising Strong by Brené Brown
    Dessert, Diamonds and Deadly Secrets (box set) by A.R. Winters
  • Anything (or nothing) from my Etsy wish list
  • Gift voucher for a mani/pedi. I’ll save it for an exhausting week when I need to feel pampered.
  • New fabric scissors since my other ones are worn out from cutting random stuff. (which was under the tree)
  • House-shaped book rest lamp  (which was under the tree)

That’s it!

A rainbow at my fingertips...and toes! Decisions, decisions. A bridesmaid's work is never done. Let the girls' pampering afternoon begin. #pedicure #manipedi #girltime #rainbow #nailpolish

What’s on YOUR wish list?

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