Pin-free Bulletin Board

As another son begins exploring our home on two feet (not on knees and hands), we are careful to not introduce any hazards while still meeting our organizing needs. One approach I’ve found very useful is the pin-free bulletin board. I want one in every room because it can hold action items or pretty reminders of something special. Best of all, it is simple to create your own affordably. I made the one pictured for less than a tenner and finished it in under 20 minutes.


• Stretched paint canvas (any size, but no wider than 12 inches is better for ribbon tension)
• Thick synthetic quilt batting
• Fabric that covers and wraps around the edges of the canvas – choose one you love or that coordinates with your room design
• Cloth or grosgrain ribbon (not satin, it’s too slippery for this)
• Staple gun


An ordinary blank stretched paint canvas is transformed with a fat quarter of Matryoshka nesting doll fabric. I placed the canvas on a table and first placed a layer of thick batting (like quilt filling) on top of the canvas side then the fat quarter. I chose to place the fabric diagonally. While holding the edges of the canvas and the fabric in place, I flipped the canvas over to expose the wood frame. Using a staple gun or flat tacks, I secured the corners of the fabric around the frame then again in the centers. I then stretched a coordinating fabric ribbon across the front and secured the ends in the back. These ribbons will hold your tickets, recipe cards and anything else you want handy and not lost in a drawer.


Easy to create and worry-free since no pins can fall down and be grabbed or nibbled by your precious little one who, let’s face it, is more thorough than the best vacuum on the market.

How to make a pin-free bulletin board:

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