Vegetarian Potato Salad - All American Recipes for Independence Day –

All-American Menu for July Fourth

Celebrating America's Independence Day is one of those occasions that creates fun memories and brings people together for a relaxed, enthusiastic, and fun party. If you're craving a bit of classic American cuisine this July 4th, here are recipes to help you in the kitchen: Sean's Blue Cheese Burgers, Julie's Potato Salad, Tomato Corn Salad, American Apple Pie (for cooks with helpers), and Chocolate Ice Box Pie (for cooks short on time/help).
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Tuna Salad – Six Ways

For those who observe Lent, fish is now a Friday habit, but it doesn't have to be all fish sticks in this recession climate - canned tuna is a versatile food that can become a favorite ingredient with the right flavorful partners. With this basic Tuna Salad recipe, you can make several different meals, including but not limited to: Open-Faced Tuna Melt Sandwiches, Tuna Sandwiches, Tuna Over Green Salad, Tuna Pockets, and Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes. First, I have included the basic recipe (adapt to your tastes) then I have included instructions on how to use it in each of the aforementioned dishes.

Making a Spanish Omelette

For my birthday, we traveled to Barcelona and I was given the ultimate gift - an introduction to the Spanish Omelette. It is also known as potato fritatta, torilla de patatas, potato omelet, or just plain tortilla, but I prefer Mmmmm. Ideal as a tapas dish, but I can make a meal of it with a green salad on the side (think frittata meets quiche). A friend who resides in Barcelona rattled off amazingly simple instructions on how to make one ourselves and I remembered the gist of it and have successfully made it at home. By the way, his wife happens to write Cat Universe in the Kitchen, a cooking blog that is muy sabrosa and focuses on vegan recipes.