Recharging Our Batteries in France

We decided that it was time we had a change of scenery and introduced baby AH to another country, so we hopped on the ferry to France this month. It was an amazing visit and one of the most relaxing vacations we’ve ever taken. Which says a lot considering we had both kids with us.

Holiday in Normandy, France | EvinOK

Le Mont St-Michel

Holiday in Normandy, France | EvinOK

Utah Beach

Utah Beach, Holiday in Normandy, France | EvinOK

It was the quiet moments we cherished most of all because friendship is the greatest blessing. I have known our friends since I was about 16 years old and now I have children. They have seen me in good times and bad, and from those moments we have a great affection and kinship.

Knitting by the hearth in Normandy | EvinOK

There are many more photos stubbornly not embedding from my Instagram account.

Of course, we did the traditional pre-ferry shopping which all fit in the boot of the car. We would celebrate with champagne, if we could have find it in there. I have leveled up in my ability to fit many many things safely in a finite space.

Good news! I am back in a week or two with my regular posts again. The last six months have been AH’s first in this world and having the time and focus to be with my family 100% is something I will never regret, but I have missed sharing my adventures and creations with you.

More VERY soon!

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