Martina Behm’s Leftie Shawl

We all love a stash busting pattern, especially when it is practical and usable, so when Martina Behm’s Leftie shawl arrived on the knitting scene in June 2012, it was met with open arms. In five years, it has been used for almost 5,000 projects. One of which was knit by my friend Marseille.


Instead of using scraps when she knit Martina Behm’s Leftie shawl, Marseille opted for Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply in the Field Mouse colorway as the base. It was part of a Miss Babs kit purchased at Maryland Sheep and Wool in 2013. And true to Marseille, she had it knit up in time for her to win a Red Ribbon at the 2014 Anne Arundel County Fair.


Her resulting Leftie shawl has beautiful drape and gauge, with a warm grey and plummy-hued combination.



Marseille reflected on the project saying, “It was a great travel project – it was easy to memorize, and you could go until you ran out of yarn.  Someday, I want to do one with *actual* leftovers!”



Do you have so many scraps and just wonder what to do with them? Is this going in your Ravelry queue now?

I have a 2019 post Patterns to Use with Mini Skeins & Yarn Advent Calendar Sets,with an exhaustive list of patterns organised by what kind of mini skeins or sets work best.

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