Nice, Nice, Baby – Back from My Mothering Break

I’ve missed you all! I was taking a much-needed family break from blogging, but too many ideas to keep that going any longer. And did I mention how much I missed you? But the new baby has been keeping me busy (and sleepless), so it was a good time to step back and just focus on my offspring.

So, in case you missed it, I had a baby at the end of summer 2016. We kept meaning to announce the pregnancy and make a big deal of it, but then we didn’t. The news was finally shared when baby arrived and I posted this on Instagram and Facebook.

After keeping this little secret all year, I'm pleased to have the cat out of the bag. Well, the baby out of the belly. #micdrop We welcomed our little bundle and are loving being back in the new baby cocoon. So, to celebrate, a look back at the belly. #b

So, what exactly have I been doing? Basking in the cuddles of my new baby and big kid, while giving us time to meld together as a newly expanded family. And lots of breastfeeding efforts. There were also countless naps and much laughter and several dance parties. Once the super sleepy early months passed, we felt like baby should know how crazy his family is and the dance parties help. And having a nearly five-year age gap between the boys is wonderful because my older son knows how to recite “This Little Piggy” to baby. So far, no jealousy here, just a big brotherly lovefest.

Both my boys together | EvinOK

There were also craft projects, like mending, knitting, sewing, and updating.

baby toes | EvinOK

My Sunday coffee & knitting group created this modular blanket together for baby. When baby arrived about three weeks early, we popped into knitting soon after and the gift was overwhelmingly lovely and generous and kind.

My lucky baby is wrapped in love from my knitting group. #knitting #crochet #baby #babyblanket #knitstagram #knittersofinstagram #knitwithlove

Of course, there were new baby treats too. Check out this sweet (and free) new baby box from Lidl.

My Lidl Baby Box has arrived. Stop motion peek inside.

More posts coming soon with a wrap-up of my experience at the 2017 Edinburgh Yarn Festival (read the 2016 wrap-up here), new recipes, crafty projects, new Bake Knit Sew book updates, and more.

And now one more peek at the cutest little toes…

Growing So Fast | EvinOK

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