Favorite Pattern to Knit or Crochet Again and Again

You know we all have our tried and true favourites that we turn to again and again, whether it is a reliable recipe, well-worn shoes, or even a route to work. Of course, there are other recipes, shoes, and routes we avoid once we’ve tried them once. Just as we all know there are those stunning patterns that have us singing from the hilltops when we cast off because as beautiful as it is, the process was arduous. Well, we’re not talking about those today, but about the ones that have us casting on another nearly as soon as we’ve cast off the first. I sat down with a few of my knitting friends to ask them, “What is your favorite pattern to knit or crochet again and again?” Because if a pattern is enjoyable enough it will become a favorite and not just a one-knit wonder. These are their answers…

• I never knit or crochet the same thing twice.

• The Hexagonal Baby Cardigan is a dream. I’ve done that lots of times. There are a couple of versions floating around on the Internet. See: Tina’s Crochet Page and Bev’s Country Cottage.

• Crocheted Scarves… And Christening blankets.

• A classic baby cardigan. When I find the right pattern, I stick to it.



• A crocheted sweater for myself which I make over and over with a half-treble stitch.

• I’ve repeatedly knit Keating Hat, Honeycomb Tea Cosy, and Erika Knight’s Baby’s Beanie Hat. All three are in my go-to patterns when I need to make a gift.


• Susie Rogers reading mitts. And I have a shawl pattern that I’ve knit twice. I love it. It’s the Mairi Shawl by Shelly Dejong.

• Very few things do I knit repeatedly. Basic socks. Doll sweaters of my own design. I’ve knit a number of Elizabeth Zimmermann’s baby surprise jacket.


What is your favorite pattern to knit or crochet again and again?


  1. MicheleStitches says:

    LOVE the tea cosy! Baby surprise jacket is on my list of “patterns I should try.” And curiosity is KILLING me — are there any photos anywhere of your go-to crocheted sweater?

    I usually like to try new patterns, but I have made more than one pair of plain, vanilla socks.

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