Moonstruck in the Kitchen with Rachael

We are halfway through the Bake Knit Sew blog tour, but the fun is just beginning! Today, my friend Rachael of Moonstruck Quaint is posting all the way from sunny California about my book. You may recognize my rainbow-tressed friend from her post on my Ireland-focused blog, 40 Shades of Life, a few months ago. She knows food and she knows traveling, so it is no mystery why we’re friends!

Even if she doesn’t knit or sew. Which you’d think all my friends would be whizzes at, but my book is not just about being able to knit a hat or sew a straight line. This is actually why I was so delighted Rachael would be part of my blog tour since this book isn’t just for people who craft in their sleep. And I’ll let you in on a little secret… baking isn’t what Rachael prefers to do on a Saturday night, so her review of the book and trying one of the recipes means a lot to me. It also is a great litmus test to see if Bake Knit Sew is a great gift for just about anyone no matter his or her crafty inclinations. Spoiler alert: Baking success! See this photo to be reassured the recipes in Bake Knit Sew really can handle adjusting and lack of baking expertise. But go read for yourself on Moonstruck Quaint.

Honey Orange Loaf Cake - from Bake, Knit, Sew

Don’t forget to go over and read all of the delectably mouth-watering foodie posts at Moonstruck Quaint. And keep following along on this fun blog tour because there are giveaways and discounts! Just in time for Christmas too.

Bake Knit Sew is available in paperback and ebook versions from select retailers (full list).

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