I’m Shortlisted

I’m honoured and delighted that this blog has earned a place on THREE shortlists for the 2014 Blog Awards Ireland. EvinOK is shortlisted for:
Best Craft Blog sponsored by Craftbay
Best Mobile Compatible Blog sponsored by GSM Solutions
Best Personal Blog which is seeking a sponsor

And my other blog 40 Shades of Life is shortlisted for Best Arts & Culture Blog sponsored by Eventbrite. If you haven’t read my other blog and you have any interest in life in Cork, Ireland, you should go check it out.

Looking at the other blogs shortlisted, I see many empty seats where really amazing blogs should be, some new faces, and several friends. The thing is, this is great recognition, but very few among us blogs for recognition. We blog for the enjoyment of it, our readers, and sometimes for the money. And since I mention the money, I will admit here I don’t make any money¬†from this blog. Sometimes, I receive coupons for free samples of things, but that’s about it. I’ve been offered money to do commercially-driven posts or place ads, but so far not for any product I believe in or use myself so I turn them down politely.

It is important to me that the blog continue to be an extension of myself, with all the integrity¬†and quirks. I have no hidden agenda, no marketing plan, not even a grand strategy for world domination through the power of the Oxford Comma. I just share what I consider to be something I’d read. So, being shortlisted is just gravy! The cherry on top! Thanks for reading.
blog awards ireland

2013 Blog Awards Ireland Finalist

blog awards ireland

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