Recovering from Domain Relocation

This is not crafty or food-related, but actually a bit about blogging and relocating. I’ve written a few previous posts about blogging (like this one and this one) and I’ve written about relocating too (like here and here), but this post about the two together…with a chart!

When I moved to Ireland six years ago, there was so much mail to forward and little things to adjust. Magazine subscriptions often slipped through the cracks and so did a few Christmas cards from friends. So, when I relocated this blog a few months ago from to, I tried to remember the same details, but wow updating links is a lot more tedious than calling a bunch of 800-numbers to stay on a mailing list! In the process of relocating this blog, I lost everything but the content itself. My free knitting patterns were included on a site, but when the links stopped working the pages promoting the patterns disappeared quickly. My crafty or thrifting posts that were in galleries on Young House Love clicked through to dead air. I imagined my lost readers like I am when I’m hungry and shopping in Target without a list, wandering aimlessly with the hope something will jump out and guide them to what they want. So, I carefully updated what links I could (and am still doing it). Flickr photos that linked to my blog, Ravelry forum posts, links from my other older retired blogs, and much more. Sadly, the old domain is unavailable to me so I cannot just lease it again and create a magical portal to forward everyone to So frustrating.

It has taken five months and I am now back to over half of the monthly views I had when I left my old domain. In my final month at, I welcomed over 11,000 views, so building that back up has taken a great deal of work but also made me realise that if the quality of my blog is good enough people will find it. Naive, I know, but that’s how it has always worked for me.

So, what delighted me was seeing my latest stats (here comes the chart)! My goal for August 2014 is to get over 10,000 views. Ambitious, but with good thoughtful attractive posts, I think it’s possible. And if I don’t reach 10,000? Well, I’ll try again in September.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Feel free to comment and let me know what you like best about EvinOK.

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