There Is Such Thing As A Free…Smile

There is such thing as a free…smile. Yep, it’s true there are things out there online that are completely free, no strings attached, and thoroughly entertaining. In this post, I am sharing three of our favorites right now:

The Bannen Way
One of the best things that you are not watching on television, mostly because it’s on’s Video On Demand. Did I mention The Bannen Way earned seven Streamy Award nominations? Definitely check it out on Facebook, Twitter, or IMDb. I would have watched it no matter what because my friend Mark is involved in the project, but my appreciation of it depended solely on the well-produced webisodes, perfectly cast characters, and momentum-gaining script.

The Oatmeal
It may offend you, it may delight you…it may do both. Available exclusively on its own website. Not only is it free to enjoy, but you can get The Oatmeal sent straight to you by email so you can enjoy it fresh from the stove.

Monty Python
After finding their sketches uploaded from VHS recordings, they took pity on fans by uploading quality versions of their sketches. They are on YouTube, but I find it easier to navigate videos on their official site. For those unfamiliar, here are three classics to get you hooked: Lumberjack Song; Ministry Silly Walks; The Parrot Sketch.

And as a bonus for reading this entire post, I am including just one more…

Posh Nosh
If you enjoy cooking shows, you’ll get a kick out of this one! If you despise snotty cooking shows where they never use ingredients you actually would buy, you’ll LOVE this one! All eight episodes are on YouTube and gratefully are compiled in a Posh Nosh playlist by Faelanae. Best of all, they are under ten minutes each so you can fit them into your day when you need a laugh most. You can learn more about the program on BBC or IMDb.

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