Catex 2013 in Dublin

There is nothing like a building filled with food, catering and restaurant inspiration to make waking up early a joy. Tuesday, I joined Kate on a day trip up to Dublin for Catex 2013 so such a treat awaited us!

#catex #catex13 guide

The day started early so we could take the train up and I needed to start extra early since LB was joining us. I wore my favorite new striped knit dress and cosy fleece-lined tights and trusty old Rockport boots for optimum comfort with a healthy dash of style.

All set for a day adventure in Dublin. Last-minute but first-rate with @caitl and @weeog

The train trip was uneventful. We caffeinated ourselves and entertained LB. There is something so beautiful about watching the morning break on a train journey, especially the frosty greens and blues of an Irish winter’s landscape.

Departing #Cork by #train with @caitl and @weeog.

There was SO much to see at Catex and we only visited a fraction of the exhibitor booths, but one of the first we saw on our way to the Euro-Toques section was the Irish Barista Championships. Since I’m married to a Seattle guy, I notice that kind of thing.

Irish #Barista Championships at Catex in Dublin.

Of course, many booths offered free samples. LB managed to try out many different foods which kept any moodiness at bay. My favorite taste test of food was at the Keogh’s booth where they had Shamrock & Sour Cream Crisps! AMAZING!

I am now addicted to their Shamrock & Sour Cream crisps. #catex

We also enjoyed samples of omelet, toasties, Crust and Crumb pizza, and when LB dropped his pizza while staring at the Bewley’s booth, the lovely folks there replaced it with a Bewley’s caramel waffle biscuit. Here is a photo of us together with the big waffle cookie.

A photo of LB and me at #catex #catex13 snapped by @caitl

Then my favorite drink booth was in the Pallas palace where Dungarvan Brewing Company had a proper sampling bar set up. Their display was simple yet exquisite.

Just another day in the life of @caitl at #catex


Here’s Sinead minding the taps.

@dungarvanbrewco at #catex in #pallas palace #irish #beer #irishbeer #catex13

Of course, the beer itself was lovely! Don’t mind the price, that’s a wholesale unit cost.

Taste testing #irish #beer at #catex with @caitl

The beer was served in plastic cups for ease but this is what it looks like when it’s served up in restaurants and bars.

Dungarvan Brewing Company at #catex #irish #beer #platewatch


And Sinead again.

Sinead at @dungarvanbrewco in #pallas palace at #catex #catex13 #irishbeer #irish #beer

Also in the Pallas palace was just about any other food you could imagine. It was like a food hall in some gourmet department store in London, except it was exhibiting the options for catering and restaurant companies in Ireland. Oh yes, all this could be yours.

#pasta at #pallas #catex #food

#Raspberry tart among gourmet ready-made #desserts in the #Pallas palace at #catex #catex13

Seriously, the place had everything, including heart-shaped ravioli.

#Heart shaped ravioli in #Pallas palace at #catex #catex13 #pasta #food

Here’s a photo of Kate talking with her Pallas rep, Gavin. I think they are waxing eloquent about cuts of meat.

@caitl and Gavin looking very pensive at #catex #catex13 in #pallas palace.

LB’s favorite booth was by far the Keelings fruit and vegetable stand. It was filled artistically with every earthen bounty. He was determined to grab a lychee but we eventually compromised with a grape.

LB was determined to grab a lychee fruit at @keelings booth in #catex #catex13

The pineapples were impressive.

@Keelings #pineapples at #catex13 today

Deconstructed #fruit salad from @keelings at #catex #catex13 #food

The tomatoes were a rainbow.

Juicy #red #tomatoes from @Keelings at #catex #catex13 #food #fruit

The main event of our day was lunch with Pat O’Leary¬†of Wok N Roll in the pop-up Fallon & Byrne restaurant. Peter Crowley stopped by too and Adrian Cummins visited with us as well. And we enjoyed talking with Brian Fallon. I tried to not be starstruck.

A little chat at #catex13 #catex

The entire time, LB was a proper gentleman.

LB on his best behavior at lunch in the Fallon & Byrne popup restaurant at #catex #catex

He shared my three courses while enjoying his own bottle and snacks and mash as well. The first course was goats cheese tortellini with artichokes, grape or cherry tomatoes, delicate greens and beets. It was the taste of summer itself!

My Fallon & Byrne goats cheese tortellini and beet starter at #catex #catex13

I enjoyed plaice in a parcel with veg for my main.

My parcel of #plaice for #lunch from Fallon & Byrne restaurant at #catex #catex13

The dessert was a chocolate tart slice with a lace biscuit. The highlight of that was definitely the candied orange slivers.

My #dessert at #lunch at Fallon & Byrne popup restaurant at #catex13 #catex

Then the day was winding down and we needed to take three trains to get back to Cork so we made our way through the booths and the Big Smoke. Many ideas returned with though!

So many #desserts and not a fork in sight. #catex #catex13

The Big Smoke #Dublin #River #Bridge #TrainTracks

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