I’ve Joined Instagram

I finally joined Instagram, a web-based photo filtering and sharing vehicle. You can see my shared photos on Instagram, Twitter or Flickr.

What kinds of photos do I share? You’ll see images of food I’m eating, what I’m cooking, views of Ireland and moments enjoyed with my son, LB. If you love food, babies and happy things, you’ll probably enjoy seeing my photos. Like my blogs, I keep it all very positive and G-rated.

Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds. #food

Here are a few random photos I’ve shared in my first week using Instagram:

There is something so cool about being able to have tea and scones in a hardware store. #cork

Boozy Hot #Chocolate with @diamondsirl and @spiller2 at Idaho Cafe for my #birthday.

It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas with pink and green striped #candycanes and a tin of biscuits.

What photos do you share on Instagram or Twitter or Flickr? Do you also feel like some foods are so beautiful a photo is necessary? Have you ever put a Santa hat on a child or pet?

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