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If you’ve not heard of Bananagrams and if you like word games, you may have just found your new favorite game!

We discovered our love of the game over a Thanksgiving visit to Mendocino, California. Wandering into a fun toy shop, we found a playground beyond Barbies and coloring books. This place was downright heavenly for kids of all ages. We saw a word game and since we had been kicking ourselves for forgetting all our games at home, we thought it would be worth a try. That evening, we ate pizza and played and laughed. What a fun and relaxed time. The next day, we grabbed a table at the local pub and played some more. It quickly became a favorite because of its fast pace and ability to cater to a variety of skill levels and vocabulary strengths. We went back and bought another one to give as a Christmas gift!

This is a fun game for all ages. Yeah, how many times have we heard that before, right? Well, this time it is true. It offers competition without making anyone feel behind since each round is counted as a hand and not in points. Big words do not earn more than smaller words. Addictive and fun.

Available from for $14.95 and from for £7.99 (free Super Saver Shipping).


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