Collaborating on the Planetary Sisters Countdown Calendar

One of the unexpected silver linings of a semi-lockdown existence this year has been collaborating with creators virtually. Sometimes, even when you’re local it offers the chance to focus with clarity on your own value. I think 2020 gave me a lot of time to have self-doubt and frustration, but I didn’t give in and this is why I’m so proud of and excited for this project! You’ve probably seen my Instagram posts about it (including today’s story video).


Planetary Sisters

This was the case when a little spark of an idea grew between Frankie from PythonCharms, Eve from Eve Chambers Textiles, and me. It started with our discussing how difficult 2020 has been for all of us while also bringing about necessary awareness, compassion, and change in the world. Quickly, Planetary Sisters was created and we developed a 31-treat countdown calendar.

If you are a regular reader of EvinOK, you’ll recognise Frankie and Eve’s names from past posts, particularly when I interviewed them about their creative endeavours. You can read my interview with Frankie of PythonCharms and my interview with Eve of Eve Chambers Textiles.

a watercolour saturn-like planet against a stockinette graphic background

Sunrise & Sunset

Sunset after sunrise, repeat. Almost autopilot, but a bit like we’ve just stopped spinning and feel a bit dizzy making sense of the view. The ending after the beginning, repeat. In all that spinning, it’s vital to take time to process and reflect as we inevitably move forward. This defined the theme of Planetary Sisters Countdown Calendar. Celebrating what we’ve been through and overcome. Marking the moments that mattered. Counting down to a new beginning. Making the moments matter.

Like the lyrics to the Semisonic song, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” which perfectly describes the bittersweet closure of an ending with the promise of a new start. Dan Wilson of Semisonic wrote the song Closing Time about the impending birth of his child, birth as the end of pregnancy, and his own foray into parenthood. The original line has been attributed to Roman Stoic philosopher, Lucius Annaeus Seneca. The lyrics take on an added weight when juxtaposed against the events of this year. This surreal year.

To say that 2020 is a bad year is too much of a generalisation. Just as any bad day has its good moments, this year has brought a mix to each of us. For me, it started with Optimus being very sick and hospitalised then we were in isolated lockdown in our city apartment. It wasn’t pleasant, but he got diagnosed and treated. The boys got to play together and fortify their bond as brothers and best friends. I was able to emotionally rest after the immense worry and fear of seeing Optimus so sick. The good, the bad – hand-in-hand. That’s not to say I won’t be counting down with enthusiasm as 2021 takes over, but I can also reflect with appreciation on things this year. For that, I am grateful.


Planetary Sisters | Countdown Calendar Sunrise Sunset photos and mood board

The Countdown Calendar – 31 Days of Treats

Every Countdown Calendar includes 31 treats to open. Whether you prefer beginnings or endings, this Countdown Calendar offers a non-dated, non-religious option to yarn Advent calendars. You can open a treat each day in December to count down to the start of 2021, or save the calendar to count down for a special date or event coming up. Order your Countdown Calendar for €135, plus shipping, from Planetary Sisters online shop. Final day to order is Sunday, 18 October.

Each Countdown Calendar set includes:

  • Twelve 20g 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool 4ply mini skeins in a unique fade inspired by sunrise or sunset (you choose which one at time of purchase) hand-dyed by Eve Chambers Textiles
  • A 150g 100% Bluefaced Leicester wool 4ply skein in an original colourway hand-dyed by Eve Chambers Textiles
  • A shawl pattern from Evin Bail O’Keeffe (that’s me)
  • Twelve Zodiac-inspired stitch markers with semi-precious and glass chips handmade by PythonCharms
  • An exclusive stitch marker inspired by the shawl pattern handmade by PythonCharms
  • A project bag designed by Evin Bail O’Keeffe (me again)
  • Enamel pins for your collection
This 31-surprise set is €135, plus shipping. Available exclusively from Planetary Sisters online shop. Final day to order your set is Sunday, 18 October.
Your big decision with this is the fade choice. If you just cannot choose between them, it is possible to order one full Countdown Calendar and add a second fade to your purchase (just the fade, no stitch markers or other treats).
Sunrise photos and mood board

Sunrise Fade

Sunrise – a calm floaty fade marking new beginnings and fresh starts.


Sunset photos and mood board

Sunset Fade

Sunset – a bold vibrant color fade celebrating closure and finality.


a watercolour saturn-like planet against a stockinette graphic background

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