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I have been sewing cotton face masks for my family’s personal use from fabric and supplies I had already, so I thought it was about time I shared the resources I’ve been using with you as well as some tips of my own. First, I’ll list online resources to tutorials as well as a list of places to purchase a mask online in USA, Ireland, Canada, UK, and beyond.

Four handmade face masks hanging side-by-side.

Online Resources for DIY Masks

Frank and Oak DIY mask tutorial

LA Times list of various designs and tutorials

Sewing Room Channel 10-minute face mask

The Sew Bros mask tutorial

Where to Buy Masks Online

USA – Candid Art Accessories (@Candid_Art on Instagram)

USA – LA Times List of Los Angeles businesses selling masks

Ireland – Little Button Clothing

Ireland –Bunting by Faye (sold by Green Dot)

Ireland – RashR

Ireland – Sew Fun Studios

Ireland – Irish Country Magazine List of Irish businesses selling masks

Ireland – LULEA

Ireland – Lilly and Clara

Ireland – sends you a package of supplies to make masks, some of which you keep and the rest are sent back for donation to Direct Provision Centre.

Canada – Frank and Oak sells kits and premade masks

Canada – Roots

Canada – Frank Lyman Montreal

UK – Mayamiko

UK – Boobalou

UK – Fab Frocks Boutique

Everywhere – Etsy

Sewing masks at home

How I Sew Face Masks

I started by evaluating the supplies I had so I could decide what design would work. I have elastic, woven cotton, and pipe cleaners, as well as a sewing machine and ample thread so I had many options. I made three styles: Side Pleat Mask, Filter-holding Mask, and Mask with Darts. All started with pre-washed cotton fabric. Most used pieces of fabric 6″ x 16″ which I then folded over.


Mask with Darts

This is the style mask I made most. I created one for each of my two sons, plus a spare for either to use. I also made one for me in this style. I found the darts to work better for the kids because they don’t shift like pleats, which may tickle their faces and make them want to touch their face to adjust the mask.

Folded the fabric and am partially sewing it to secure the sides and slip in the elastic on the edges.

Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home

I’m not picky about thread color matching the fabric. Whatever is in the machine will do just fine. I sewed the piece of fabric into a loop, leaving the top and bottom edge open. I’ll then turn it right-side-out and slip the elastic into those spots to sew and secure the ear loops.

Sewing masks at home

First elastic for the ears.
Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home

On the other side, I cut a hole into the folded side of the fabric to slip the elastic in then will secure it with stitching.

Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home

Sewing those into place now. Careful there isn’t a twist in the elastic which would rub against the backs of the ears when being worn.

Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home

It’s time to decide which it the top and which is the bottom. Then slip in and secure with stitches a length of pipe cleaner for the nose bridge.

Sewing masks at home

I fold the bottom hem upwards and sew darts to cup the chin. This keeps the mask securely in place. My sewing machine was in the same room as family movie night, so the lighting changed a bit for this photo.

Sewing masks at home

Side darts going into place to limit gaps on the cheeks.

Sewing masks at home

The final results work well and are machine washable.

Sewing masks at home Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home Sewing masks at home


Side Pleat Mask

I used the Sewing Room Channel 10-minute face mask tutorial to make two masks for my husband using this method. Sadly, I took no photos.

Filter-holding Mask

I created a simple slip-on cover to use a disposable paper mask as a filter. It worked well, but would have been better had I made it wider and used lighter weight fabric because the elastic on the disposable mask was very stretchy and the mask sagged.

Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home

Sewing masks at home


Which mask tutorial did you find useful for your own mask making? Or did you find a good source to buy masks online? Either way, I hope you are safe and well.

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  1. NiamhR says:

    I used the video from Irish Crafters on fb and a 30cm diameter cardboard template made from the box DD2’s swingball came in. Scrap fabric and elastic from Amazon.

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