Happy New Year

Each day is a new beginning and a new start, but 2019 will be a fun one particularly for EvinOK.com since I’m shifting gears a little and changing two things about this blog:

  1. I’ll be sharing a broader perspective of my creative life with you going forward. My love of travel and food will be shared more, as well as life perspectives. When I travel, I long to share the adventure with you, but feel it may not fit unless I visit a craft shop. That’s silly, right? I mean, you want to hear all about our family vacations to England, Scotland, France, Northern Ireland, Morocco, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Portugal, Spain, and 36 of the United States, right?
  2. I’m going to share one post per week – probably on Tuesdays. Not two posts a week as I made my habit. In 2018, I wrote 74 original posts for this blog. That was intense, add to that two kids, consulting work, and completing Aurora Ultraviolet Knits (plus working away on Bake Knit Sew 2).

It will be the same me, ad-free and enthusiastic for crafting a creative life, one project, trip, meal, or reflection at a time. But first, I’m taking 10 or so weeks to focus on non-blog things. Don’t worry, I’ll pop the occasional post up so you know I’m thinking of you. But mostly it’s just that I’ve been blogging for 11 years total (eight of which on EvinOK), and I need to take breaks. Historically, January and February are my slowest months for visitors, so I don’t think you’ll miss me much. See you in mid to late March!

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  1. Lucy says:

    Happy New Year to you too Evin! I will look forward to your future posts. People feed off enthusiasm and passion, so as long as you’re enjoying it others will too😊

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