I Want to Knit…

It’s time for my annual I Want To Knit list. I am trying to not carry over things from previous years, so the lists are different. Here are the posts from previous years: 2010201120122013201420152016, 2017.

Quiet Spot Shawl by Patricia Shaw

Letterpress by Karie Westermann

Tembo by Carol Feller

Arch Lane 

Golden Leaves by Gillian Harkness

Cap Sleeve Lattice Top 


Cozy Bolero 

One Skein Sweet Jane 


Anchors Away! 

On the Spice Market 

Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover 

Orla Mittens 

Razorback Brioche Cowl 

Arlequin Shawl 

Quick & Easy Cacti 

897 Lacy Summer Shell/Belleville 

mille’s fish 

Albuquerque Sunset 

A Mitt Called Wanda 


Dark Champagne 


LUSH Brioche Cowl by Cassondra Rizzardi

Moonraker by Melanie Berg

Wonder Woman Wrap (knit) by Carissa Browning

The SOS Shawl by Gillian Harkness

Shawl of Destiny by Ambah O’Brien

Uisce by Carol Feller

Picking Daisies by Melanie Berg

Dálki by Gillian Harkness

Spark of Grey by Melanie Berg

Grace by Jane Richmond

Stripy Cozy Baby Blanket by Evin Bail O’Keeffe

A Mitt Called Wanda by Wendy D. Johnson

Georgian Heights by Carol Feller

Tortoise and Hare sweater by Kate Davies

Falling Petals Lace Shawl by Evin Bail O’Keeffe (to knit in gradient sock or minis)

What’s on your wish list to knit this year?

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