How I Sewed My Homemade Elsa Halloween Costume

In 2015, I made myself an Elsa costume for Halloween. It all started two or three years earlier when I made myself a mermaid costume, using a second-hand formal dress as the base. Mermaids are all sequins and shells and a solid tail, but for Elsa, I wanted more of an ice feel, so more translucence and shinier accessories. I wore a nude-hued tank top underneath for modesty.

Guess my Halloween costume? #Letitgo #halloweencostume

The key elements to take a basic teal formal gown to become an Elsa costume are these:

  • A layer of pale aqua organza over top the dress with sequin and snowflake details
  • Sequin shimmery fabric over the bodice and flowing from the center back too
  • Flowing cascade skirt with irregular hemline
  • Sheer organza detail at neckline and shoulders
  • Blonde wig with side braid
  • Silver “Let It Go” necklace from Primark
  • Aqua organza fingerless gloves
  • Dollar store plastic glow-in-the-dark Elsa crown

Here is a full view front and back.


Homemade Adult Elsa Costume for Halloween |

In spite of this being a homemade costume, the moment I walked into my son’s preschool an awe-filled hush filled the classroom. This was a winner. But buying a premade costume would have been cheaper and kinder to my sanity.

Now for full disclosure, I look at this and think how sloppy it looks, but I was juggling a full-time job and a four-year-old, so I need to give myself a break now and then.

I made my costume this year, but my son came up with the idea. Supplies from @vibesandscribes and charity shops. #Elsa #halloweencostume #trickortreat #letitgo #handsewn #handmadecostume

Which Disney character would you be for Halloween?

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