Knitting a Blessing Christening Hat

And because Marseille is one of my closest friends, here’s another post bragging about her talent and showing one of her knitting projects. Today’s post is about an exquisite Baptismal Hat as Marseille explained was “made for my tiny niece, to keep her little head warm going to and from her baptism.” It was knit in size 3–6 months. The pattern Marseille used was 15505 Romper – Blessing-Christening Outfit by Dale Design from Dale of Norway / Dalegarn #155. She knit it up with less than a skein of Dale Garn Baby Ull in creamy off-white with pink scraps for the detailing.


Marseille admitted she “had to fudge slightly–not sure if I missed something, but cast-on was 91, and according to the chart it should’ve been something like multiples of 13 + 5, and it didn’t work out properly….I assume it meant to work a few stitches plain on each end?”


Later in the project, she noted that, “Also, instead of sewing up the seams at the end, I worked the back like a short-row heel. For the first half of it, I did k2tog or p2tog at the end of each short-row–toward the end I switched to k3tog and p3tog. If I were to do it again I’d probably alternate from the start.”


And, at the end of the bonnet knitting adventure, Marseille said, “I had about two yards of yarn left when I was done. I used a bit of this ball of Dale Baby Ull on some mittens I made a year ago. So this hat took almost a full ball of yarn, plus scraps of leftover pink.”



Her creation won a Blue Ribbon at the Maryland Wool & Sheep with the judge commenting “Beautiful pattern. Nice choice of yarn.” and going on about Marseille’s overall technique to say “Flawless.” And as if that wasn’t enough, the judge also noted, “What a lucky baby!”



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