Starting the Year with Joy and a Long Ravelry Queue

That’s it. The holidays are officially over. It’s hangovers and laundry catch-up today then back to routine. I know, so grim a perspective. Don’t worry, I’m all about bringing joy into daily routine which is why I felt inspired to share my favorite, tried-and-true way to beat the winter blues… are you ready for this deep personal insight? Ok, here goes… with a frothy mug of hot chocolate, a tasty cheese and fruit plate, maybe a tuna melt, and a good knitting project, preferably while listening to a lovely audio book. Perched in a comfortable chair and peering out the window at a wintry wonderland, I can pass the time in contentment and joy.

Wensleydale with Cranberries and Crackers on a Vintage Floral Plate

There have been a few truly enjoyable projects I’ve worked on to pass the short winter days and long chilly nights, which fills me with hope that there are more enjoyable projects out there I’ve not yet knitted. Which leads me to my queue. Oh, my Ravelry queue. It is a struggle to keep it to five pages. Occasionally, I weed it down to two pages, but it creeps back up each time I fall in love with another pattern.

Here I am, as 2015 begins, looking through my Ravelry queue and yarn stash to decide what cosy projects I’ll take on this year. Here are some ideas, a few are influenced by patterns and books I received for my birthday and Christmas! I’ll start on something warm and cosy and woolly and satisfying to hold my hand through winter.

Anchors Away! 

Georgian Heights 





Midwinter’s Night Cowl  (related EvinOK blog post HERE)

Ladies Classic Raglan Pullover 


Cozy Bolero 

Teddy Maurice by Eline Oftedal from Knit Nordic

Setesdal hat
 by Eline Oftedal from Knit Nordic

Capitol Shawl 

National Gallery Shawl 

Gradient Cowl 

Classic Mittens 

Purl Soho Pullover 

Toulouse Pullover 




22 Little Clouds 

Squidgy Friends toy animal knitting patterns owl, pig, rabbit, cat, turtle, panda 


Orla Mittens 

About a Hat 

504 King West 


What are you knitting, crocheting, or sewing this winter that is getting you through the short days and cold nights? Do you prefer one big winter project or many small ones to pass the time?


  1. Bonny says:

    Right now I’m in Halifax on the other end of the country from home. The weather here changes day by day or within a few hours: from rain to wind to snow to a blizzard. For that reason, even if there is asoft very slight snowfall people head for home before the chance that roads become impassable.

    I have a fair isle hat on the needles right now. One I’m making for my niece. Like you though, I keep hot chocolate handy or a good cup of tea and a pile of books. If the knitting is plain and not involved, I sometimes knit and read at the same time, but not very often.

    Stay warm and cozy!

    • Kasia says:

      I like having few different projects on my needles (but not too many). At the moment I’m working on a big cable sweater and little baby sweater as well as some mittens. On a cold winter day I also like to have a cup of coffee and read/tidy my old knitting magazine, read books or sort out my stash.

      Happy knitting,

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