Squishy Miller & June Baby Blanket

A few months ago, I explained how hand knit simple squishy baby blankets for my friends in a post on Zulily.co.uk blog and on this blog, but the pattern had not been tested by anyone other than myself so I have withdrawn the pattern from circulation while it is being tested. Details on the basic requirements of the original pattern are on Ravelry and at the blog links I just mentioned. The better-than-ever pattern will be available once more in Autumn 2014.


With basic garter stitch rows and doubled up yarn, a squishy blanket is created. The result feels lightweight, the gauge is a little looser so it breathes better, and the garter stitch gives it a squishy feel. Of course, the custom vibrant color scheme you choose makes it one-of-a-kind!

Here it is on Ravelry.


My tried and true formula for an easy hand knit baby blanket has helped me create and give lasting baby gifts for friends. Each blanket project is knit with different washable yarns, making the result completely unique. Garter stitch provides a warm light layer for baby.

Miller and June were the babies who helped me perfect this combination. The photos shown are of their cherished baby blankets (but the baby is my LB).


  1. Cathy says:

    “The better-than-ever pattern will be available once more in Autumn 2014.”

    A year away? I hope that’s a typo! It’s super cute! 🙂 What a great idea!!! 😉

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