Iron-On Patches for Instant Personality

Sometimes I’ll see the perfect cardigan or bathrobe in the shops, but know it is a bit blah. There is always custom embroidery or sewing lace or ribbon to customize a simple piece of clothing or fabric, but one of my favorites is even easier than that – iron-on patches!

The two greatest successes I’ve had with iron-on patches were on a plush bathrobe and a zip-up hoodie. The former was tricky since the robe’s fabric was synthetic and I was worried about melting the robe with the iron so for that one I sewed it on completely without help from heat. The hoodie was easier so I embroidered swirly sparks around the patch for a bit of added fun.

This is what they ended up looking like.

Yo Ho Ho

Mr. Robot

Have you done this yourself? I’d love to know what made it work well for you.


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