Everlasting Arrangements for Empty Vases

A blank canvas, a muddy garden, and an empty vase. What do these three things have in common? Potential for creativity, expression, and color. I have four empty vases in my home and though cut flowers are nice to commemorate a special occasion, for the everyday I prefer something that doesn’t need to be watered. Silk flowers, you say? I have a small arrangement in the bedroom of those so that’s enough for one household. But that triggered a thought, origami flowers perhaps? But who has the time? Not me. With a new baby to tend to, quick was essential for this project. Besides, wouldn’t we all like to be able to spruce up our home decor in under ten minutes? What I came up with took just that amount of time! Here are the ideas…

Yarn Ball Collection

Wind small balls of knitting yarn in various colors (or stick with a color theme to coordinate with your decor) and place in a clear vase to fill it up.

Drink Umbrella Arrangement
I fitted drinking straws together to be taller than the height of the vase, trimming for length variations, and slipped an opened drink umbrella in the top of each straw. Make as many as you need to achieve the look you want. To keep the straws in place (they will move), use a dry piece of florists foam in the bottom of the vase (if it is a solid vase) or place the straws within crinkled colored or metallic tissue paper (if the vase is clear).

This project is a great way to personalize your space and can be done with a wide variety of household objects (e.g. matchbooks, toy cars, bingo balls, golf tees or pencils, origami, fabric yo-yos, yarn pom-pons, painted bare branches…).

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