Summer Post Format & Book News

School is out of session here in Ireland, so it finally feels like summer. In the midst of some traveling and crafty adventures this summer, I will be back to posting twice a week. It’s hard to believe EvinOK is over eight years old, but somehow the content doesn’t feel stale to me. Maybe because there is always something to create or make or do or bake. There’s always a new adventure around the corner, it’s just not always climbing a mountain or sailing the seven seas. Thank you for being a loyal reader and I really hope you enjoy the special format I’ve cooked up for this summer.


Summer Post Format

For the rest of the summer, you’ll get your woolly fix on Tuesdays when I post an interview with a different yarn hand-dyer or artisan every week. With my book in the homestretch, I don’t have much knitting I’m able to share right now, so this is a great way to share my passion for yarn and knitting while introducing you to some talented dyers. On Thursdays, I’ll be posting mostly sewing projects. I do love a good sewing project. A lot of them are alterations or updating thrift shop finds so added bonus for making do and mending. I may include a stitch marker tutorial or kid craft project, but it’ll be a lot of sewing. There’ll also be updates from my travel adventures because I just must bring you along if I visit a LYS, right?


My Book

Ultraviolet Knits was slated for release next week, but due to my health being bad for the first five months of 2019, the project fell behind schedule. Thankfully, it just slowed down a bit. It’s still progressing and picking up momentum each day. My health is much better thanks to clever diagnosis by my GP and I’m learning to balance my energy better. When I was dragging along this winter and spring, I kept remembering all my amazingly generous Kickstarter backers and my supportive friends. It was like I had a cheering section that couldn’t see that I hadn’t washed my hair in days and would cry if someone made me tea.

The new release date for Ultraviolet Knits is around Halloween. It will still include the same plentiful patterns and photography! To make sure no quality or element was compromised, the delay was necessary. The book will include:

  • 2 cowls
  • 2 fingerless mitts
  • 1 hat
  • 1 poncho
  • 6 shawls (various shapes and sizes)

I’m so fortunate to have friends who’ve volunteered to model for me and help with the photoshoot. I can’t wait to tell you more about everything when it is closer to the date.


Again, you’re the best community and I love sharing my creative adventures with you. Thanks for your patience as I slowed down my blogging the past few months to make time for my health. Two posts a month seems like barely a whisper to me compared to my usual eight posts a month. Thankfully, there are eight years of archives to work through if you get bored.

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