Guacamole atop tortilla chips

South of the Border Cuisine for Cinco de Mayo

Delicious Mexican cuisine helps make any meal feel like a fiesta. This week, however, we are focusing on a specific cause to celebrate --- the Mexican holiday, Cinco de Mayo. On May 5, 1862, Mexican soldiers won a pivotal battle and they’ve been honoring the day ever since. Bring flavors from south of the border into your own home with this week’s three recipes. Tyler’s Guacamole is a perfect example of a healthy food that tastes decadent. Tyler has spent years perfecting his cooking skills and enjoyed countless trips to Mexico to taste authentic cuisine. This now benefits you since he’s generously sharing his avocado secrets. You may double-check your kitchen for a gourmet chef after making my Fiesta Enchiladas. The recipe is inspired by traditional Mexican enchiladas, but with a bit of American convenience. You can make six large or 12 small enchiladas, but keep in mind that this dish is so delicious you might want to accommodate guests wanting second servings. Balance out the tangy and spicy flavors of the previous two dishes with the rich sweetness of Mexican Hot Cocoa. The Aztec and Mayan chocolate included spicy peppers to balance the flavors. Traditionally, the cocoa and other ingredients are used to create a paste, but my recipe has everything warming up on the stovetop with the milk included. It smells so good and offers instant gratification! I lost count of the number of tortilla chips I ate in the process of developing and testing these recipes, but my hips have not. Celebrate Mexican cuisine every day with these sweet, spicy south of the border treats.
Fettucine Alfredo | EvinOK

Pasta Sauces Without Tomatoes

There are few things more delicious than mom's spaghetti and meatballs, but sometimes tomatoes aren't what you're craving. This week's recipes are pasta sauces that are deliciously free of tomatoes. So, wear your favorite white shirt and dig in! The Chicken Soup Sauce is one of my favorites. It evolved as I tried to duplicate a taste I enjoyed in a restaurant a decade ago. I never did achieve the same flavors as I remember, but this came from my playing in the kitchen. If you are serving chicken or want to bring a bit of elegant to noodles, try the vegetarian Artichoke & Wine Sauce. Of course, if you are not fond of the slight bitterness in artichokes, you may wish to skip this recipe since I embrace it and go one step further by suggesting capers be added. I hope you enjoy these.
Homemade Chicken Tagine | EvinOK

Easy Bake Chicken: chicken + liquid + spices + vegetable + time/heat = dinner

Years ago, I got into the habit of making baked chicken for dinner rather often. To vary the flavors, I created an informal recipe of sorts that involved adding the chicken to a mix of liquid and spices to marinade then bake in that. Over time, I started eating other meats and all but forgot about this "recipe" I had created. Then I ran across it and thought it might be a good thing to share since it makes easy work of preparing and cooking chicken.
Herb Chicken Crumble |

Herb Chicken Crumble

Something about the autumn crispness that awakens cravings for casseroles and pies. Warm subtle sweetness from sautéed red onions blended with the tender nuggets of chicken lightly coated in chopped tarragon and sage. Broccoli brings a colorful balance with healthy...