Merry and Bright: Views of Christmas

With Christmas glistening out of the corner of my eye and approaching with the speed of reindeer in flight, I wanted to share some of my favourite Christmas time photos that I’ve taken over the years.

Christmas at Seattle Center. 2004.
Christmas at Seattle Center

Christmas in Washington, D.C. 2007.
National Christmas Tree in D.C.

Christmas shopping in Barcelona. 2008.
Christmas Shopping

Christmas in London. 2008.
Ice Skating at Tower of London

A Simple Christmas

See The Twinkle?

Christmas shopping on Grafton Street. 2009.
Grafton Street at Christmas

Christmas Eve in Cork City. 2009.
Jolly on Opera Lane

Christmas Eve in The English Market

Christmas Eve, French Church Street

Santas in September

#cork city at Christmas.

Merry #Christmas to all! And to all, bright lights!

Christmas shopping in Cork’s English Market. 2012.


English Market Fountain

#Cork's English Market decorated for #Christmas

#Cork spiced beef at Coughlan's in the English Market. A #Christmas essential. #food

#Irish #Christmas magic at #Cork's English Market #IrishChristmas

English Market, Christmastime

Christmas in Washington, D.C. 2012. (more photos here)

#Christmas tree? Check!

#Christmas crafts!

#Christmas morning with his new favorite toy. Note the red velvet overalls and black bowtie.


I love my sister-in-law’s style. 2012.

Under the #Christmas tree.

And I also love her cooking. 2012.

The entire feast at #Christmas dinner. #food

Brussels sprouts at #Christmas dinner.

Green beans at #Christmas dinner.

Potatoes gratin at #Christmas dinner. #food

Roast turkey at #Christmas dinner. #food

Homemade rum balls for #Christmas #dessert.

Christmas in Cork City. 2014.
It's beginning to look a lot like #Christmas in #CorkCity

Odds and Ends that could be from any Christmas in any town.
Kiss Me Where I Stand

It's Beginning to Feel Like Christmas

No Milk, Just Cookies

What A Pair

What visual memory means Christmas to you? I love the fairy lights twinkling on the lanes and streets and having a hot chocolate with loved ones.

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