Free Knitting Pattern: One Size Fits Most Cupcake Tea Cosy – Knitmas 2011

When I was looking for a handmade Knitmas gift for a friend who desired a tea cosy, I only encountered sized patterns for specific-shaped teapots. This was to be a surprise present though so I couldn’t ask her, “Could you please measure the circumference, height, and handle length of your teapot?” without raising suspicion. So, I looked at my three teapots and asked for their help. Three differently shaped and sized teapots helped me create this pattern. The ribbing helps it fit a variety of shapes.

This tea cosy is stretchy and fits different shaped teapots. Like the jeans in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It’s a relatively quick knit in the round.

5.5mm circular needles
90 yards (84 meters) DK weight yarn
90 yards (84 meters) coordinating fingering weight yarn
30 yards (27 meters) DK weight yarn, for “icing”
Beads & Pom-Pom
Tapestry needle

Customize yours by choosing your cupcake and icing “flavor” yarn colors:
Chocolate = Brown yarn
Vanilla = Cream yarn
Strawberry = Pink yarn
Banana = Yellow yarn
Red Velvet = Pink-Red yarn

It’s also a relatively quick knit in the round. And for beginners, don’t be intimidated. If you can knit a hat, you can knit a tea cosy. It’s the same, but with space for your handle and spout. If you had them instead of ears, that is.

One Size Fits Most Cupcake Tea Cosy

I’d love to hear from you if you knit this with feedback. It has only been tested twice by me so outside feedback is appreciated.


  1. jackie says:

    If I could find the pattern anywhere I would try and knit for you,tried all links here and ravelry but nowhere to be found
    regards JB

  2. Marny CA says:

    Seems I want everything and then wind up making few items, and am very behind in charity knitting.

    Two days ago I saw a very cute 2-cup teapot and thought how fun it would be to make a cosy for it. That company did not have a pattern for that size.

    Well, I have a teapot, but have never used it.

    Just want to give it a try!

    So, I’m glad to have found you!! Thank you and should ever I finish making your pattern I will let you know!

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