Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes for Pancake Tuesday

Growing up, Mardi Gras was the night to have pancakes for dinner. Sometimes sausages or bacon too. It was just what we did. As I grew older, it became clear this was not the norm in every American household (but common enough) and it became fun for us to alternate between pancakes one year and Cajun cuisine [with our neighbor from Baton Rouge] the next. Kings Cake often making an appearance too.

No matter how you celebrate Fat Tuesday, the point is to eat something decadent or a treat and enjoy the gluttony because Lent is a time of sacrifice. The battening down of the moral hatches is how I think of it. And if that’s going to happen you might as well serve up a big platter of fluffy pancakes covered in Irish butter and Vermont maple syrup and fresh berries (or fig preserves, which is another one of my favorite toppings). Here’s my new favorite method for making pancakes: Simply Recipes Buttermilk Pancake recipe or this recipe from L.V. Anderson.


Or you could make pancakes the super easy way… with a mix. There’s no shame in that.


Of course, even easier is having someone else make your pancakes. My local favorites are from Fenn’s Quay.

Buttermilk pancakes at Fenns Quay

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