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As you probably read, I entered the Zulily.co.uk Blogger Photo Competition with THIS POST last week. Well, the exciting news is that I won. I’ll admit, I’m surprised. The other entries were amazing and some of the photos were like catalogue images or works of art.

Little squid. #zulilyuknovembercutiescompetition


Here’s what I received telling me the amazing news:

Good news, our photographer has judged you the winner of the photo competition! This is what he said:

Winner: Evino – her answers were so adapt and appropriate. Her description of interacting with children (for photograpy) is perfect! She clearly knows her away around a camera and getting ‘that’ picture. Her website is lovely and the pictures are super cute. A clear ‘overall’ winner!

Nice to put my feet up after a long day! #zulilyuknovembercutiescompetition #feet


The message in my entry blog post is that my three keys to success in photographing babies and children are:

1. Plenty of natural light.

2. Fast shutter speed.

3. Have fun and focus your attention on the baby/child.

For the entire blog post with little tips and example photos, click HERE.

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  1. London Comedy Club says:

    I could not resisit commenting (not something I usually do) on how much I loved your blog.

    I am a London comedy club and would love to link to it as
    I think people would love it.
    I will definately be by again soon to see more. Keep up the good work.

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