Instant Dining Room Wall Decor

Defining a dining space that shares walls with a kitchen or living room is just as much a challenge as making a room solely for dining feel like someplace you want to actually dine. There are many ways to approach decorating a dining space, but if you want it to look like grown-ups live there consider hanging plates as decoration and it works for different budgets too! Here is an article that guides you through the process of actually deciding how to hang them: How To Hang Plates for Decor.

In addition to plates on the wall creating a visually defined space, have a nicely conditioned wood or neutrally-painted table and chairs and some nice table linens (that are machine washable). The extent to which you decorate really depends on your space, interest, and budget, but hopefully this idea will let you know how approachable it can be. Again, things do not need to match each other, they just need to match your style. If you are not into neutral hues, go with a bold red glossy paint for your table and vibrant plates for the wall. This is, after all, where you’ll be enjoy your meals so be sure to enjoy looking at the space.

If you have less than $10 to spend on plates, look in thrift shops or flea markets. It may take time to find a collection that you want to hang. Remember, a chip doesn’t matter when you are hanging plates and they don’t need to match, simply coordinate.

If you have $40 -$60 to spend on plates, Rosanna has many darling designs to choose from. A bright and cheerful option is the BOHO design of six dessert plates, like these Rosanna La Vie Boho Dessert Plates, Set of 6. You can even switch them out for a holiday feel with Rosanna Boho Holiday Dessert Plates, Set of 6. For a more nature-minded decor or outdoorsy feel, look at combining plates and platter for an organic appearance. I am in love with these: Thomas Paul 9-Inch Ornithology Side Plates, Set of 4, Thomas Paul Ornithology Serving Tray, Thomas Paul Ornithology Coaster Dishes, Set of 4, Thomas Paul Portland 11-Inch Dinner Plates, Set of 4. But don’t you wonder at this point why purchase such wonderful and expensive plates just to hang them on the wall and not eat off of them.

The standard wire plate hangers are available at most hardware stores, be sure to get the right one for the size and weight of the plate. For hanging light-weight plates without risking a chip, try the Adhesive Plate Hangers from The Container Store for around $5 each (three sizes available).

Melamine plates are ideal for this because they can resist wear and tear, plus if they fall you just pick them up and hang them back up again, no shattering or vacuuming to deal with. This is especially useful if you are decorating a rental property near a university campus or if you are adding wall decor to a family room or around a kid’s eating area, like the wall by a pint-sized table and chair set. In those instances, consider the colorful and quirky French Bull 8-Inch Melamine Plate, Robot Kids, Set of 4 available from

Ultimately, it is your style, budget, and wall space that dictates what you will choose to adorn your walls but hopefully this gave you some inspiration to get you started in tackling that black canvas.

Plates for Wall Decor

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