Brussels Sprouts with Couscous

I’ve been loving couscous lately! For a nice light lunch, I tried and fell for Brussels Sprouts with Couscous. This could work well with other vegetables, like green beans. The recipe makes enough for a side dish for four people, but I put the individual amounts in parenthesis after each ingredient since it’s such a quick thing to prepare for yourself, an intimate dinner, or a big family meal. It is served hot/warm.

Making a Spanish Omelette

For my birthday, we traveled to Barcelona and I was given the ultimate gift - an introduction to the Spanish Omelette. It is also known as potato fritatta, torilla de patatas, potato omelet, or just plain tortilla, but I prefer Mmmmm. Ideal as a tapas dish, but I can make a meal of it with a green salad on the side (think frittata meets quiche). A friend who resides in Barcelona rattled off amazingly simple instructions on how to make one ourselves and I remembered the gist of it and have successfully made it at home. By the way, his wife happens to write Cat Universe in the Kitchen, a cooking blog that is muy sabrosa and focuses on vegan recipes.